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ACK CLEAR Allantion BP-0.25%w/w, Vitamin E Acetate IP-0.25%w/w, Soap Noodle Base-q.s, Perfume-q.s,Colour- Red Oxide Of Iron& Titanium Dioxide IP-qs, TFM-76%
CETRICOL Cetrimide IP- 0.5%w/w, Soap Noodle Base-q.s,Perfume-q.s, TFM-76%
COLSCAB Permethrin IP-1.0%w/w, Soap Noodle Base-q.s,
NEEM BACT Neem Extract-0.1%w/w, Aloe Vera-0.2%w/w, Quinarazine Green SS-qs, Soap Noodle base-qs.

Dusting Powder

CANDY POWDER Clotrimazole IP 1% w/w, Talc IP q.s.

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